Friday, 9 November 2012

Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 DVD Ready - Clean Install

The purpose of this software is to prepare users with a fresh copy of Mountain Lion OSX 10.8 so that it may be burned onto a single-layer DVD rather than having to resort to burning it onto a dual-layer DVD because of the InstallESD image's 4.75GB file size. As many of you are fully aware, a DVD can hold only 4.7GB, thus making it impossible to burn the image on a single-layer DVD. I have created a smaller DVD image of the exact same format, only it occupies approximately 4.33GB of space. Now it is possible to burn Mountain Lion OSX on a single-layer DVD.

If your intended purpose is simply to install Mountain Lion OSX then you can do that as well, as this is the full official version from the Apple Mac store. Clean and ready for installation.

Mountain Lion OSX - v10.8 - Full Official Version
Format: .dmg 4.33GB



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